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Sodium Hypoclorid

Sodium Hypoclorid

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Sodium Hypochlorite is a chemical compound that is familiar with everyday human life. Better known as bleach (which is indeed one of its functions), Sodium Hypochlorite can also be used as a germicide, acidic agent, good deodorizing and color remover.

In its use in domestic life, only 3-6% of Sodium Hypochlorite solution is needed. This is very different, compared to the scale of use of Sodium Hypochlorite at the industrial level which usually ranges from 12-16%


Sodium Hypochlorite as a Bleaching Substance

Proven to be very effective on fabric material made of cotton fibers that are easily stained. The use of high temperature water together will provide better work results in the process of washing and stain remover. In its function as a bleaching agent, in addition to fabric, it is also used as bleach in paper industries where in general the solution is included when bamboo pulp / pulp is being processed.

Sodium Hypochlorite As A Pest Repellent

Because of its function of sterilizing and removing odors, Sodium Hypochlorite is very effective for use in industries that need high levels of cleanliness. Comparison of 1: 5 between Sodium Hypochlorite and water is very effective for killing bacteria and viruses so that many hospitals, hotels, restaurants, swimming pool facilities use disinfectants when cleaning the work environment.
1% dissolution of Sodium Hypochlorite in warm water is also very commonly used to clean surfaces and tools used for brewing or wine or other fermentation processes where the initial conditions will determine the final production. Even the American government allows food / beverage producers to use these chemicals as disinfectants in their use as cleaners provided that they are dried before use.

Sodium Hypochlorite As A Water Purifier

Sodium Hypochlorite has been known as a very common drinking water disinfectant. A concentration of 1 liter can clean 4000 liters of water. But that certainly changes depending on the condition of the water itself, the temperature of the water, and the presence of clumps, deposits, bacteria and other chemicals. The concentration that is generally used in Indonesia for water cleaning substances is that contains 15% active chlorine (in accordance with SNI standards).
Sodium Hypochlorite Effectively Prevents Crusting

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